Transit of Venus

There are a few excellent websites on the “Transit of Venus,” and this blog doesn’t pretend to be one of them (at least not yet). Apart from the references and resources at the bottom of this page, the following articles are highly recommended for anyone interested:

The following articles discusses the photography aspects:

Live Broadcast/webcast of the transit

If you are in your office or can’t be on the field for whatever reason, you can still see the transit of Venus LIVE using the following links:

Share your photographs

Apart from uploading your photographs to your own website, blog, photo-sharing platform, and here (which is highly recommended), you could also submit your photographs to the following places:


  1. 2012 Transit of Venus @ Exploratorium
  2. Transit of Venus across the Sun @ Ice in Space (Australian Amateur Astronomy)
  3. The 2012 Transit of Venus @ NASA Eclipse website
  5. Transit of Venus @ Wikipedia
  6. Transit of Venus, 2012 @ Wikipedia

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