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Photos of the Transit of Venus, 2012

Here are some photographs from the Transit of Venus. I have clicked away 958 photographs (mostly because I would like to make high-resolution images using image stacking), and going through the entire collection will take a while. In the meantime, I would like to present a sample of the photographs here. Hope you like them.

Good luck to all of you for the transit of Venus 2012

The day for which we have been waiting and preparing for has finally arrived at our doorstep. In the US, the weather forecast is not looking good  due to two sharp dips in the jet stream, over the eastern and northwestern U.S. I will still keep up my hopes and I urge you all to do the […]

Why can’t I use a ND filter to photograph the transit of Venus?

Summary: Although you can probably use (a combination of) photographic neutral density (ND) filters to reduce the same amount of light as a typical solar filter (e.g. Baader solar filter), it is not SAFE for your eyes as it will not filter out the harmful Ultraviolet (UV) and infra-red (IR) light. The table below shows […]

How big will Venus be in my camera?

Summary: Estimate the apparent image size of the solar disk and Venus in pixels for certain camera and simulate the ideal observed image. Disclaimer: In this post, all discussions are based on the apparent image SIZE of the subjects — solar disk and Venus. I have not discussed any issue of resolving fine details, which […]

It’s only 7 more days and the weather Gods are being merciless

Summary: What can you do if it is a cloudy day? My attempt at practicing solar photography yesterday evening was a mega disaster! I had only taken 3 to 4 photographs, when the western sky was filled with thick layer of dark clouds (rain came later in the night). So I came back home feeling […]

Recommendations on photographing the transit of Venus

As the big day is approaching, I think it is important that we have a strategy in place in order to make the best of the situation with whatever constraints we have. Some of us may have the best equipment and some of us may not. Our (gadget) limitations must not stop us from trying what we […]