Map & Timings

Global visibility map

The map of the transit of Venus is shown below.

  • North and Central America, and northern South America: June 05, 2012.
  • Europe, western and central Asia, eastern Africa and western Australia: June 06, 2012.

Map Courtesy of Fred Espenak. Source webpage: The 2012 Transit of Venus, NASA Eclipse Web site.

Local transit times

The following figure shows the local transit times for a few cities around the world. Blue cells represent June 5, and red cells represent June 6.

Steven van Roode and François Mignard at the “Transit of Venus” has developed an excellent tool to calculate the transit times based on your local coordinates. Please use that tool for find out the transit times for your city. As an example, here is the local circumstances for the city of Dallas, Texas, calculated using their tool.

Tool by Steven van Roode and François Mignard at

The screen shot below is another excellent animation of the 2012 Transit of Venus that illustrates how the transit will looks like based on your location. It is highly recommended. Click on the image to visit the page. If you don’t see the path, make sure that the “Trajectory” check box is checked.

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