Purpose of this blog

The transit of Venus is once in a lifetime event! It is one of the rarest of predictable astronomical events[5]. This event will not be seen again for over 100 years, so most likely this IS our LAST chance to experience the transit of Venus.  Scientists and astronomers all over the world will be keenly watching the show as this event provides invaluable insights about the Solar System. Check out [1] to find out why the transit of Venus is important from a scientific standpoint. 

This blog has been created so that we can collaborate and share our ideas, experiences, thoughts, photographs or any material relevant to the transit of Venus. This is a call to the community at large — astronomers, scientists, engineers, photographers, writers, historians, and anyone interested in contributing to join the collaborative effort and make this event a memorable one.

Please note:

Although this is a sharing platform, authors contributing to this blog retain all the rights to their own content. Any form of copying, distributing or modification of their content is not permitted without the appropriate author’s permission. For more detailed information on policy, please see the policy page.

Ways in which you may contribute:

  • Share photographs related to the transit of Venus
  • Share information related to the transit of Venus
  • Share your essays  related to the transit of Venus
  • Scientific discussion related to the transit of Venus
  • Suggestions (including how to improve the site itself)

Please join the collaboration

To join the collaboration, please enter your name and email using the following form. An invitation will be sent to you along with information about how to login and contribute to the blog.

Please note:

  • Your name and e-mail address will not be distributed or used for any other purpose other than giving you access to the blog in the capacity of an author.
  • To accept this invitation you will need to sign-up for a WordPress.com account [Sorry, for that. I understand that it might be a little annoying, but it really takes only 2 minutes. Check out this page to quickly see what to expect]. You can also sign in with your existing WordPress.com account if you already have one.
  • By default you will be assigned an “author” [An author can edit, publish and delete their posts, as well as upload files/images.] of this blog. If you have any concerns regarding this role please see the wordpress.com support page on user roles and/or use the form to voice your concerns.
  • For more detailed information on privacy policy, please see the policy page.


  1. 2012 Transit of Venus @ Exploratorium
  2. Transit of Venus across the Sun @ Ice in Space (Australian Amateur Astronomy)
  3. The 2012 Transit of Venus @ NASA Eclipse website
  4. TransitOfVenus.org
  5. Transit of Venus @ Wikipedia
  6. Transit of Venus, 2012 @ Wikipedia

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