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Celestial events (apart from solar and lunar eclipse) occur rarely in our lifetime. We often read about such events, which occurred eons back, with great curiosity and astonishment.  But now we have an opportunity to witness one of such significant and rare celestial events which will happen on June 5/6, 2012. On this day, Venus will pass directly between the Sun and the Earth, casting a small silhouette on the surface of the Sun.  This is one of the rarest astronomical events which will happen again after 105 years from now. Unfortunately, most of us living today will not be alive to experience this nature’s marvel once again. So, I invite all of you to join this blog in sharing your thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and photographs to make our experience an excited one.

Please note that you can get specific information by clicking on the links on the top of this blog as shown in the picture below.

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